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Frequently Asked Questions

Trojans & Illinois Stix Frequently Asked Questions


Who are the Trojans & Illinois Stix?  The Trojans & Illinois Stix are baseball players that have been selected to play in a more competitive environment.

How many teams are there? The program offers teams at the 9U-18U Age Level.

Does the program offer teams at the High School Level?  Yes!  The Illinois Stix are our teams at the 15U-17U Age Level (Incoming Freshman-Seniors).  All Illinois Stix teams provide professional instruction for its players.

When are try-outs? Tryouts for the Trojans & Illinois Stix program are generally held in late July & the first weekend in August.  If you are not able to make try-outs, but are interested in a private tryout, please contact the Head Coach for your appropriate age level ASAP.  Tryout dates are posted on the Cary Trojans & Illinois Stix Website at least 1 month in advance.  

What is the difference between In-House Teams and Travel Teams? In-House baseball provides typical rec-ball play that is open to anyone who wants to play. Travel baseball is for players who are willing to try-out for a team, play more games each season, against better players, & play against better competition in and around the county.

Can my child try out for a travel team older than his age? Generally, No. We are trying to develop players at every age and would prefer to not have kids of another age causing a player of the right age to not be selected. However, we may allow a player to play up, but you must have permission of the Travel Director who will evaluate on a case-by-case basis. Players who are 14 that will be incoming freshman are encouraged to tryout for the 15u team.  This will keep them with their grade level.

How many players are on each team? Teams must have a minimum of 10 players on each team with a maximum of 18. The program requires the manager to advertise the try-out via our website and the CGYBS website and make fair, objective, unbiased decisions when selecting players.  The number of players for each team is determined by the Head Coach and his/her Coaching Staff. 

When do PRACTICES start? How often? What days are they on? Each team will make its own schedule depending on facility and field availability. Most teams start practicing indoors during the winter months and outdoors in early April and may practice 3-4 nights a week.  The High School Age Levels start indoors in November and wrap up once players report to their respective High School Teams.  The High School Age Level Teams will start back up around Memorial Day.

When do GAMES start? How long is the season? Each team will enter different leagues so this will vary, but most leagues start in April and end in June. Some teams enter pre-season tournaments which could start in late March, and other teams may enter post-season tournaments that are in July & August. Expect at least 2-4 scheduled games a week for most teams. Find out from your Head Coach what he/she is planning so you are not caught by surprise.  Be prepared to play 40-70 games depending on the age level.  The High School Age Teams will start tournaments in June and will play until the end of July/Early August.  Typically 25-30 games.

Where are the games held? All Home Games are played in Cary and Fox River Grove.  Away game locations may vary depending on what league each teams chooses to participate in.  High School Age Teams play at locations based on the tournaments they register for.

Do the teams travel out of town for Tournaments?  Yes.  Each team is required to participate in at least 1 out of town tournament that requires an overnight stay.  There are no limitations on where Trojan or Stix teams can go for tournaments.  Parental input is always taken into consideration.  

What is the cost?  Team budgets may vary depending on the leagues and tournaments they select to play in.

Are their fundraising opportunities available?  Fundraising opportunities are available.  Please consult with the Head Coach at your appropriate age level.  Fundraising is not mandatory for each team and it is not mandatory that each player/family participates.

Who takes care of the fields? We do! That means you and us together. Please speak with your manager and team coaches and ask them what you can do to help them. Don't just bring your kids and drop them off. If its been raining recently, some work will have to be done in order to play.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Boys Travel Director, Greg Case @ 847-305-0184.